Snack Bag- Medium Grenade
Snack Bag- Medium Grenade
Snack Bag- Medium Grenade

Snack Bag- Medium Grenade

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Medium Snack Bag made from recycled water bottles

DID YOU KNOW? Each snack bag allows you to collect 1 plastic bottle abandoned in our oceans and landfills .

The perfect snack bags anytime! As much for the children's cereals in the morning, as for dad's lunch sandwich! They replace single-use plastic bags, and can be reused FOR LIFE!

Tips: You can even use these little bags as a makeup bag or a pencil case!


  • These bags are 100% made in Quebec

  • The exclusive Kantalou fabric is made from recycled water bottles

  • Waterproof & machine washable, 100% polyester 100% recycled fibers

  • Dimension Small bag: 4'' x 8''

  • Medium bag size: 8'' x 8''


  • After use, rinse with cold soapy water and allow to dry

  • Put in the washing machine with soap without fabric softener

  • DO NOT machine wash in hot water (this could damage the fabric)
  • DO NOT put in the dishwasher (this could damage the fabric)
  • Air dry (recommended method) or machine dry. LOW temperature

  • DO NOT tumble dry at high temperature (this could damage the fabric)
  • To avoid stains, use a stain-removing Marseille soap

Kantalou - For our planet, for our minis.
Snack Bag- Medium Grenade